Accounting expertise

Judicial accounting expertise - legal expertise is a means of  evidence four court, a form of research of facts or economic-financial and fiscal circumstances, indicated by judicial bodies in order to solve legal disputes between companies, companies and private individuals, fiscal bodies and companies/private individuals. Also aims to find means of evidence in care of criminal proceedings which damaged the property.

Amiable accounting expertise - expertise in accounting or tax upon request, in case of accounting records  from deployment of commercial contracts between the parties, for certain clarifications or in case of control bodies having doubt on the calculation and determination of taxes.

Censorship -

  • Check the legality of acts and documents, judgments, decisions, rules and regulations
  • Check the financial-accounting management
  • Check the legality of the financial statements and their consistency with company records
  • Checking the modality of keeping records and property valuation to be carried out according to the rules established for the preparation and presentation of financial statements
  • Presentation to the General Shareholders Meeting of reports on the activity, on the accuracy and legality of the financial statements.