Human resources

Preparation of individual labor contracts

Preparing addenda to individual labor contracts

Preparing the general register of employees

Preparation of salary certificates

Preparing notes for staff liquidation

Preparation, submission and tracking of personnel files

Consultancy on salary issues

Completion addenda to change wages, function, workload or work duration

Preparing documents for obtaining distributions from AJOFM

Preparing payrolls

Preparing retirement files
Preparing amendment statements
Calculating and keeping track of medical leave
Calculating and keeping track of maternity leave
Calculating and keeping track of holidays
Preparation of employees certificates
Preparation of files for paying salaries through cards (for banks)
Salaries taxes computation
The calculation of state social insurance contributions, health insurance, contribution for work accidents and occupational diseases, fee for cards work, unemployment insurance

Statements preparation and submission
Preparation and submission of payroll wages to ITM

Preparation of time sheets

Preparing and submitting health statements

Preparing and submitting the CAS statement

Preparation and filing of unemployment statement